Getting A Bad Report?


23 January 2003 15:37

Thoughts from rather too far up country

Durdatha Whye! - Now look, your reporting team are looking a bit wisht if you ask me and I don't rightly reckon much on the news content. Get them out there boy and lets have some gossip and scandal!! - There must be someone feeding the gulls that they can snitch on. All this talk about ISDN lines etc up Carbis Bay. Why can't they use a couple of cans and a piece of string like the rest of us? You lads up to St Ives are getting some very fancy ideas and nothing will come of it mark my words. Just you remember comero weeth na ra whye gara an vorr goth rag an vorr noweth!!! - Toodle pip for now - -

Vile Jelly

24 January 2003 11:14

'Thoughts' from rather too far up somewhere, anyway!

How dare you slag off the Reporting Team's efforts? It's all very well demanding news, scandal and gossip but that rather assumes two important things:-

1} There's actually some news, scandal or gossip to be had and

2}People are prepared to spill the beans to the RT

When was the last time you saw someone being interviewed on the news by a blue hedgehog? For some unfathomable reason most potential interviewees decline to comment once the RT turns up on their doorstep to get the skeet!

Personally, I think it's very cuddlyist but apparently there's no law against it despite numerous attempts to claim discrimination.

So, we have to work with what little material we can gather. Now, if people were prepared to get off their arses and contribute something to Spooky St Ives themselves then we might get a bit more variety to stimulate your jaded interest glands but as long as it's just me and the RT ..... well, you'll just have to like it or lump it.

PS. I wouldn't worry unduly about the advent of broadband in Cardboard Bay too much. Most people up there think it's a brand of margarine!

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