Many Are Called But Few Are Frozen!

Andrew Macdonald

31 January 2003 18:44


....unfortunately, as Helen hadn't shut the door properly, quite a lot of snow blew into the sitting room....... snow.jpg (50366 bytes)

Vile Jelly

31 January 2003 19:59

Are you sure about that?
She might have been having one of those acid-house all-night shagathon foam disco parties that you keep seeing on Ibiza/Greece/PersonalParts/etc. Uncovered!
PS. Who is this Mrs. Alewife bloke? And is his beer any good?

Andrew Macdonald

01 February 2003 13:44

Um. hadn't thought of that.  Obviously a cover-up.
Mrs. Alewife knows a thing or two about beer.  The Harvest Ale is pretty much the bee's knees.  See at once if you haven't already done so. 

Vile Jelly

02 February 2003 09:24

Jawohl, mein Oberbiergruppenfuhrer!

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