Just Because You Are Paranoid Doesn't Mean ...

Andrew Macdonald

06 February 2003 17:12

Holy Man

I've just found out - that Winwaloe, he's a saint.  Must have come over with St Hia on her fig leaf.
I had to order some stuff from Dell's website t'other day, and like all websites, it asks you lots of silly questions like "How would you like to pay for this item?"  With somebody else's credit card, obviously.  But, and this is true, up pops the next question "Is this equipment going to be used in connection with the construction of weapons of mass destruction?"
Tricky one, that.

Vile Jelly

06 February 2003 18:09

Yup, that's definitely a bit of a bugger.
What did you say?
Or did you terminate the connection just split seconds before the MIB got a fixed trace on you?

Andrew Macdonald

07 February 2003 09:17

Because, bizarrely, I actually wanted the stuff I was ordering, I clicked No.  I was hoping you might try and let us know what happens, apart from lots of sightings of a pilotless drone circling slowly over Cornwall, not to mention an unmanned Murican aircraft.

Vile Jelly

07 February 2003 15:11

But I can't afford to order anything off Dell's website. I'm poor.
All I've got is a one candlepower PC held together by sellotape and bogies.

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