Can't See The Wood For The Trees

Egremont Russet

09 May 2003 09:39

Trees reunited

We were delighted to see last week that one of our long lost relations from the colonies has made contact with you.  It is not often that we apples are able to contact what passes for the human race, let alone by the medium of the new fangled electronic mails, so sometimes our command of the language may seem a little rusty to you, although I wager our grasp of English is far in advance of your ability with the various apple dialects.
My sister and I are naturally thrilled that this contact has been made.  Purely by chance we will be taking tea with our friends D'Arcy Spice and Peasgood Nonesuch this weekend and are sure that they too will be delighted at the news.
We await further news with interest.
Yours in anticipation,
Egremont and Rosemary Russet

Vile Jelly

09 May 2003 11:13

Eek! Ents!
Well, each to his own. I am delighted that we have reunited you with a long lost cutting. It must be because Spooky St. Ives is full of fertiliser!
Further mental mumblings from mad Maeve will be forthcoming in this week's updates. Enjoy.

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