On A Hot Streak!

Janet Bentley

17 June 2003 15:26

BBC NEWS England Cornwall Nude protester walks into trouble

I Know the weather has been hot lately, but...

Vile Jelly

17 June 2003 16:28

Ah well, call me a card-carrying cynic (I'm sure I've got one in my wallet) but isn't it an amazing coincidence that the full might of the press and the police (in that order of significance) were miraculously there to arrest him in St. Ives, a very comfortable photogenic, home for tea sort of location?

Personally, I'd have liked to see him helped on his way. In the unlikely event that he hadn't contracted skin cancer before he left Cornwall, I'm sure he'd have received a fine welcome in the inner city areas between John O' Groats and Civilisation's Start.

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