Barrie's Sheen?

Twins Uren

03 September 2003 13:25

Patrick Barrie - The Big Issue- Housing problems

I just had a gander at your web site, mainly to drool over the lovely photo of Mr Thomas (wish you'd include a close-up of him) and i happened to read Patrick Barrie's e-mail about housing problems in St Ives. There are so many housing problems it's ridiculous, and i'm talking about local people, proper locals, not the seasonal workers who work a couple of summers and think they're locals with up-country accents.
If Mr Barrie got in touch with any of the local councillors such as Andrew Mitchell (one of the owners of "The Bistro") i'm sure they could give him some information on the subject.

From a proper local, Sloop drinker.

Vile Jelly

03 September 2003 14:09

Unfortunately he has buggered off without a trace so messages, yours or others, will go unreceived. He contacted me and I wasn't trying to be the great 'I am', just trying to create some food for thought. So much for the Beeb. Probably off doing important research in Barbados or something.

Not sure if you or I missed the point but what I was trying to explain was that the housing situation not only affects those born and bred here but also the local businesses that are (allegedly) receiving all the money that the 'benefits' of tourism bring us. So, really there are two levels of
unhousing; those that are brought up here and forced to leave because they can never afford to live here and those that will never come (or stay) for ditto reason but on whom local business depends to service the demand.

I certainly wouldn't contemplate putting the latter ahead of the former in the list of priorities. I just wanted to point out that there were potential economic consequences as well as social ones to the lack of affordable accom. And, unfortunately it does appear (from my inside experience and contacts) that a lot of local businesses rely on us immigrants because the local sprogs are, by and large, about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

Can't really blame them, though. If your parents have actually got a house in St. Ives why bother earning a living? Just sit on your surf/skateboard and wait to inherit it. Sadly, but truly, you'll earn more wealth that way then you ever will even if you worked for several lifetimes in St. Ives' tourist industry.

Be interesting to hear Mitchell's comments in his capacity as Bistro proprietor rather than local politician. Just ask Tony what he thinks of his current crop of bar stewards (and then run like buggery!). Everyone seems to be saying the same ..... can't find decent staff anywhere. And, at St Ives seasonal accommodation prices, let's face it, you're never going to now.

It's a very complex and emotive situation. Far more, in my worthless opinion, than people really want to admit. I was hoping that Beeb man was going to strip the picture postcard veneer off St. Ives and take a look at what is really happening to the indigenous population and/or the workers. So much for my brief flirtation with investigative journalism!

PS. You don't want a close-up of TT. Believe me, we've had a few in the kitchen during moments of crisis and it's no fun!

PPS. If you're a real Sloop drinker then I am sure we will meet up in the blessed winter at the Meat Draw. I'll be the ugly one with the burn and cut scars in the corner.

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