Diamond Geevor!

John Negus

05 September 2003 18:21

Triskele ring

Dear Folks

During a trawl through the WWW, looking for sites that reference Geevor, I came across your page.  Firstly thanks for your comment "please donít turn the place into a theme park - leave it as it is as much as you can, because it is fascinating just as it is."  This is the way that we at Geevor feel and, judging by the responses to our questionnaire, most of our visitors feel as well.

Please be assured that, although we have big plans for development, this will be kept very much in line with the way things are at the moment.
I also note that you like my triskele ring, I got it in a little craft shop on Lindisfarne.  It has been with me for many years and is very much a part of me now.
The reason that I was surfing in the first place was that we will shortly be upgrading our website.  If you would like to include a link on you page, the URL is www.geevor.com  (the pages that are there at the moment are a bit hit-and-miss.  Watch this space.
Thanks for your visit, I hope to see you again at some time.
John Negus
Geevor Mine Guide

Vile Jelly

11 September 2003 11:19

Thanks for your e-mail. Sorry I've been so long replying, it arrived when I was midst of changing computers and due to the vicissitudes of Windows XP (may Bill Gates be sealed for all eternity in a Radon filled mineshaft!!) I have been having great difficulties getting things sorted so I can carry on where I left off in good old (functioning adequately) Windies 98.
I am hoping (when the tide of emmets finally recedes) to review and revamp the links section and I shall certainly be putting Geevor on. It is difficult time and money-wise for me to cover much of the local 'official' attractions and so have to rely on them being able to promote themselves on the web and rely on putting links in to guide the Spooky St. Ives faithful.
Look forward to communing again when I can get this accursed machine to work with a modicum of efficiency!

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