As I Was Going Up The Stair ...

Sue Neill

15 September 2003 22:24

where are you ?

Greetings from Gotham

Where are you ? You are technically unavailable or has my mother board blown again Is this your windows xp. Please get well soon  I bet you are well naffed off if you are having major probs, this ere technology is only ok whilst it is working. Take care in them there kitchens  Sue

Vile Jelly

16 September 2003 17:45

I'm still here.
Leastways, I think I am.
Maybe I'm a figment of my own imagination.
To be honest, after all the life-deprivation experiences in the Slave Pits, I could be dead (you get the morning off to attend your own funeral and are then expected in on the same evening). It certainly feels like I've gone to hell.

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