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Ed Care

16 March 2002 19:09

re: Care in the Community 19-11-01

Congrats on your new website.  I use it as proof that insanity in a family is caused by the local environment [probably a combination of the effects of Tin-poisoning and exposure to Radon gas] and is not hereditary.
Although English is a second language here in Texas [You must know Bic, then. He lives in Texas, as well. Probably next door. You should pop round for a glass of Pimm's!] (a slow drawl being the first), my local ISP should have accepted all your emails.  Try going through my website at www.carefamily.org.
I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the New Year's, Knill and St. Eia events.  Happy to see the pics of John Care fiddling about the Knill festivities.  Most of my lineage were named John (probably because it's a four letter word and is easy to remember.  Also, Little Bugger was already being used for the rest of the family).  Your site is the only place I can find out what's really happening in the Town. [Same for us!]
We are beginning to plan for a St. Ives visit this fall. [The Shauns say why not come in Autumn? It's nice here then.]  [Sorry about that, they are only sheep, you know!] Would love to share a glass or two with you and any relatives I won't have to dig up.  I would ask a favor.  I believe my grandfather (John ... what else?) built TRECAR house located on Bullans Lane circa 1890.  I know my father, aunts and uncles were born there. [What? All at the same time? The midwives must have had to operate as a relay team!]. Could you find me the proper postal address and current occupant's name?  I would like to arrange a visit.
Oh, and about that seagull.  It did draw blood and was painful.  I'd sue St. Ives but, after seeing your photos of the Town leadership using horses and wild dogs to hunt down a small child on St. Eia's day, the incident is best forgotten.
Keep up the good fight!  Regards, Ed.

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