Going With God

Gill Richards

15 October 2003 10:36

Just been off with the lurgy that's spreading around the country. A good hacking cough that keeps everyone away from you.
Probably a good job you're drinking lots, it'll keep the germs away. Nice to have a few days off though.

Vile Jelly

15 October 2003 15:26

Actually, it all went a bit prune-shaped.
Must be a different form of the lurgy down here because it manifests itself as a mildish but persistent gut bug. At first I thought it was just overindulgence but others have had similar attacks.
So, much for keeping the germs away. Obviously I should have drunk more!

Gill Richards

15 October 2003 15:33

ooh. i don't want that one. At least with a cold you can go places. Gut bugs tend to have you hovering near wcs.
Dare i ask what went prune shaped? Was it that you were called in to work or that you were ill?

Vile Jelly

15 October 2003 18:15

Oh, it was the ill thing. As you have so perspicaciously pointed out there are few things you can do when you are working around a dose of the thr'penny bits other than put extra bog rolls in the fridge!
The worst thing was that Big Mac and Helling were down last week. We did meet up one evening but, thereafter I was unfit for human conversation. I will apologise to them when they get home from their continuing expedition. It's the same old story, you wait all season for someone worth talking to and then .....
Ah, the good lord, he does move in mysterious ways ..... but I can't see me going out of my way to worship him (especially if the church doesn't have toilet facilities!).

Gill Richards

16 October 2003 12:46

I expect you're better now though. Now that decent human company has gone and you have to go back to work. Someone has a sick sense of humour, i had my cold over an extended weekend. I took two days off though to make up for it!
There was an article on the local gnus a while ago about a church without a toilet and the congregation had to go behind a grave stone! Presumably one who's relatives had moved away cos no-one was whinging about their granddad's grave being peed on.

Vile Jelly

16 October 2003 16:36

Well, put it this way, I don't imagine I'll be making any effort to worship god in the foreseeable future.
PS. Did the congregation go en masse or just form an orderly queue. If the latter, I'd have hated to be the last in line!

Gill Richards

17 October 2003 11:12

don't blame you.
i'm not sure, they didn't go into too much detail. Neither i should imagine cos then there wouldn't be a service. The vicar would have to out too and get them praying (for an indoor toilet no doubt) whilst they waited

Vile Jelly

17 October 2003 16:48

Dearly beloved, now that we are gathered here in the sight of god .....
..... let us pee!

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