No Guts No Glory!

Helen Bristol

16 October 2003 13:46

Re: I Blame Bill Gates!

So long as Orm stays with newel posts CM will be OK. That, too, is swathed in polythene from which even Orm would have difficulty slithering out from under.
I see from the latest Winwaloe missive that you were under the weather after our meeting?  Tsk. Can't you hold your drink, man?  I don't actually  believe it was anything to do with the DB. 
Several thoughts crowded into my mind:
a) too much DB
b) over-excitement at the prospect of the impending reunion
c) there was a rumour that a punter actually praised your cooking AND thanked you for a good meal  (careful - you'll have to ask for a raise if this continues - sadly you were on "holiday" when we ate at the Slupe so still have no idea about your culinary talents)**
d) SI not too busy so you sloped off  from the Slupe for the day *
* delete as appropriate
** thought you didn't get holidays!
PS Much upset  you not joining us for a meal - BM's not THAT bad a cook.
PPS You are wrong.  While you and BM were chatting about blokey things Soupie divulged THAT recipe -  but only after I'd threatened to spill the beans about her particular skeleton-in-the-cupboard.  I'm still experimenting with it but I think what with the hardness of East Angularian water and the poor quality of the Blue String locally it will take quite a lot of work to get it to the standard that she would expect, the string remains stubbornly chewy and - well- stringy.  It may be that I will have to make a flying shopping trip to SI to purchase some Blue String.........................  

Vile Jelly

16 October 2003 16:47

Actually, what I thought might be the results of overindulgence turned out to be a gut bug that has been doing the local rounds. Just because I manage to get a few days off (first since March!) doesn't mean I get to enjoy them.
BM should not feel culinarily insulted, food from anywhere was not an option. I have been on a diet of water and immodium. Even Doom Bar was shunned in my prostrate state!
Got your postcard from Frank, ta. Culinary suggestions are being forwarded as we speak so if you find that the menu is a load of tripe (or crepe!) next time your down you'll know why!

Helen Bristol

17 October 2003 13:04

Sorry you've been poorly (again) - makes me wonder whether I want to eat at the Slupe!
Does it work? The Atkins Diet sounds dreadful.  I used to take Dr. Collis Browne but now they've removed the opiates it hasn't got anything going for it.
PS Done my back again. Will I never learn?  DO NOT USE THE VACUUM CLEANER OR WASH FLOORS.

Vile Jelly

17 October 2003 16:54

Call it the last bitter harvest of the summer.
We all seem to be succumbing to one thing or another. I suppose it is inevitable when you go flat out for months on end and then get exposed to the first flurry of winter germans.
PS. Hate to be blokeist about this but surely this proves the superiority of the chaps. After all, you don't catch us indulging in dangerous spine-threatening activities like vacuuming and floor-washing!

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