Corks Queue

Helen Bristol

24 October 2003 17:05

Re: Lost in the Ether

I just don't know what I was thinking about.....................well I do but we wont go into that now.  I wasn't quite sure how I stood, or,indeed, if I was still standing at that juncture...................but I'm sure glass for glass I'd had less than some people I could mention.  Natch, there were other considerations.............would we be able to get him through custards sans passport - t'was OK for Lucy as she can just dive into La Manche;  how would CM take to another male cat in his domain, things are bad enough when George, Sox et al come round for a boys night in - nerves shot to pieces (and that's just me) gallons of Febreeze, beer bottles all over the floor not to mention the take-away debris; and finally, there's'll understand.................the little green-eyed not BM!  So all in all it was probably as well that I went all shy and retiring ( as is my wont when I'm ........y'know............thingy.) If he can forgive me and still wants to come up here you could put him on the train and I'll meet him at Diss station. 
What you say is so true, but I blame the dodgy picture on mixed signals and the dodgy sound on a terminally sick TV.  I feel a trip to Comet coming on................make a nice change from B&Q or the garden centre. If you'd said the Kustid is an electrical wizz-kid I'd have had him up here like a shot.
Dining out tonight with even-bigger -mac and his good lady friend. 

Vile Jelly

25 October 2003 12:32

Oh lordy no. Kustid is not an electric eel at all. You of all people should know that cats don't do the W word!
PS. K is checking on the train timetables. Assuming he can find a train in Cornwall would he need to get in touch with you to make a Diss appointment?

Helen Bristol

25 October 2003 16:49

A very convivial evening/night was had by all.  Back to reality.  In the wars a bit as I had an incident with the temperature control on their shower.............resulting in a little left-sided discomfort in the bra area.
Best he does as I would hate to leave him stranded on a Disserted station. I'd give him my mobile no. but I can never remember it   ...................................hmmm,   possibly why no one ever rings me.

Sonic The Hedgehog

26 October 2003 17:33

Lo Ling,
It's me, Sonic. VJ has been held up feeding the others (cork being reluctant to exit bottle apparently).
Bra area? I have consulted my medical lexicon and I don't appear to have one. Does this mean I am defective?
Well, if your number is mobile it would hard to pin down anyway so I wouldn't take it to heart (or bra area, what/wherever that is).

Helen Bristol

28 October 2003 10:12

You'd think the Time Lords could have come up with a sonic cork screw.
I think you should speak to VJ bluerk to bluerk, I'm sure he'll be able to explain, alternatively, if you feel too embarrassed to ask him, just rifle through the mags under his bed.  But let me re-assure you, for a Sonic, you are not defective........................its just the rest of the b*****s. Ah, you're getting close. I have a sneaky feeling that you DO know, but like most teenagers delight in embarrassing us grown ups (? who me)
PS I think you'll have to be specially nice to Shaun now that Shaun has an admirer he may feel rejected and lonely.

Sonic The Hedgehog

28 October 2003 15:29

My spikes are wilting at the thought of a sonic corkscrew. What evil would they perpetrate on me with it? Definitely a device best left uninvented!
PS. Shaun did say he was feeling a little down at first but he's alright now he has let go of that baby bird.

Helen Bristol

28 October 2003 18:05

Not under the bed then?  Try the back of the wardrobe.....................failing that there's that grip that he always carries around with him and never lets out of his sight - either mags or Kruger Rands.

Sonic The Hedgehog

29 October 2003 16:39

Ah, that is his magical Bag Of Useful Kitchen Items +5. It contains all sort of things that you might need in a kitchen crisis; plasters, antiseptic, electrical tape (top multi-purpose trade secret), spare bandannas, letters of resignation, etc.
You have thought, on that basis, that a corkscrew would be included but we have since discovered that he solved the stuck cork problem by sucking straight out of the bottle. He says it is an ancient ninja secret handed down through generations of underage drinkers!

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