Giving A Damn And Eve!

Helen Bristol

07 November 2003 17:41

Re: Blue String soup

We did last time and what happened?...........................I still think it was just a ruse to get let off buying any more rounds.
Always just the right temperature

Vile Jelly

07 November 2003 22:09

Done like a kipper. I can only hold my hands (and what's left of my guts) up in submission.

Helen Bristol

08 November 2003 11:16

That's what I like.................................a submissive man!
 Well, no, ashley I don't - more sort of, you know, um, well not dominant, more, its not like I'm one of those bra-burning feminists (don't want to frighten the children or horses) but, well, as you know, I'm more sort of in favour of equality, but on my terms. For god's sake I'm an intelligent woman, what I look like doesn't matter............................much, does it?  being one of those sensative blokes I know you'll understand.

Vile Jelly

08 November 2003 22:29

Don't call me Ashley, Scarlett!
PS. My mate Brian had a quote (I know not from where) that summed it up really:-
'The war of the sexes will never be won because there is too much fraternising with the enemy'!

Helen Bristol

09 November 2003 19:05

Ha! That just goes to show that our plan is working!  Typical bloke - talking war-like language.  There is no war of the sexes.  We know we are the superior sex and anyway we aren't so much fratenising as "getting to know what we're up against"  As so eloquently expounded by Tacitus learn the ways of the enemy (I apologise for the use of this word but he was a bloke)  Besides which, a bit of fraternisation oils the wheels of............................  all sorts of things.....................
PS  I believe Margaret Michell really wanted gay icon Rett to say "Ashley, my dear, I don't give a damn" but that was far too risque for the time so used a sort of double speak to disguise the real object of his lust. On the other claw it could be that Scarlett was a covert cross dresser............
On that note I'll leave you to ponder other classics while I go and slave over a hot (!) casserole

Vile Jelly

10 November 2003 09:29

Ah, but if you're the superior species how do you explain away Britney Spears?
PS. How can you slave over a hot casserole. I mean you do all the work at the start when it's cold. Then you just sling it in the oven and bugger off to the pub for a few hours!

Helen Bristol

10 November 2003 17:55

Not this one, had to remove the meat and reduce the sauce.
Who she?  Being superior we don't have to explain anything.
Ventured into Waterlands terratory yesterday.....oooooooooo spooky, you can understand why they're like they are

Vile Jelly

11 November 2003 09:25

Well, your problem is entirely self-inflicted for picking a tricksy recipe. You should have gone for the traditional 'bungitintheovenandbuggerofftothepub' version!
I believe it's modern 'mockney' rhyming slang for ears. Hang on, if you think you're so superior that you don't have to explain everything then Tony Blair must be one of your lot!
PS. It's the water. Prolonged exposure softens everything, including the brains. Either that or it's swilling too much Adnams!

Helen Bristol

11 November 2003 17:15

Oi Kelly, I totally and utterly deny that that awful bloke is anything to do with me or my kind.  He's even more nauseating than Mrs. Handbag or that bunch up at Buck House.  But if you (can bear to) listen to him he tells you that you've got to understand. Me, I don't got to do anything.

Vile Jelly

12 November 2003 08:15

Me, I just don't understand anything.

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