Shrodinger's Cat-apult!

Gill Richards

10 November 2003 09:12

RE: a sting on the tail

Laughing out Loud - make your own mind up.

I like that. Mind you it brings to mind all the occasions that Guides and Scouts have been in the same room, they stand on opposite sides and giggle. I don't think they'd know what to do - unless you told them step by step and they could gain a badge at the end!

btw what's this aversion you have to brasicas?

Vile Jelly

10 November 2003 09:43

Everybody (who's anybody) knows that brassicas are the work of Satan and have contributed more to children's misery and suffering than homework, the catholic church and Blue Peter combined!

And have you ever been downwind of a field full of rotting brassicas?

Gill Richards

10 November 2003 09:48


there's a good joke about sprouts - what's the difference between sprouts and snot? Children won't eat sprouts!

No, but i've been downwind of a person full of rotting brassicas...

Vile Jelly

10 November 2003 15:07

Funnily enough, I've just been discussing Gone With The Wind with Helling!

Gill Richards

10 November 2003 15:46

har har har.
I'm sure one of you got in "Frankly my dear i don't give a damn"

Talking of said lady (as i'm sure she is) i'm not sure i like her other half's references to cats and the amount of vacant space in SI during the better season. As i cat owner himself i was surprised to find him writing such things. He must have been very sure that CM was out and about. And your fair self. Do you not have a feline? it's name temporarily escapes me, but i know that none of my crowd would take kindly to being swung or thrown, even in such a pleasant place!
Or was he talking in a Shrodinger sense?

Vile Jelly

11 November 2003 09:11

Oh, a la Shrodinger, we only deal in theoretical cats. Real ones are so difficult to train up to perform the experiments!

I personally do not have any pets (the RT are so difficult to clean when they've been furred up!) but my ancestors have a couple of fat furry orange fleabags which they occasionally inflict upon me while to go gadding about the planet. They were right little [illegimately conceived people] during one recent cat-minding session. Creatures of pure evil. I have told them that when they peg it I shall have them made into Davy Crockett hats!

Gill Richards

11 November 2003 10:06

That's good then. And real ones also stick their claws in so they don't fly anywhere.

Olds do that don't they - go gadding about the planet that is.

Cats know when you don't want to look after them mind. They were right little bar stewards because they knew it would irritate you. The Davey Crocket hats sound good. My lot would make lovely hats. Cream fur with brown features. They deserve it sometimes; one eats slippers and has a rubber fetish, one anything made of wool and the other any food that's going.

ps how do you fur up a cuddly, or shouldn't i ask?

Vile Jelly

11 November 2003 15:30

Well, I'm not sure as it is the fleabags not I who leave the fur deposits. All I know is that the Shauns' black bits are particularly vulnerable to orange cat fluff and on several occasions after a few feline felonies I have had to resort to the sellotape trick to buff them up.

I did try using sheep dip first but they kept drinking it and going all strange (well, stranger) on me!

Gill Richards

12 November 2003 13:02

Ah yes, an activity i am well acquainted with, we go through boxes of the stuff.

Try using the real stuff not the brown version in bottles..

Vile Jelly

12 November 2003 15:10

I did but they turned blue and started having deluded fantasies about being STH.

So that didn't work either.

Talking of work .....

Gill Richards

12 November 2003 15:26

I'd rather not, brings me out in a rash.

Vile Jelly

12 November 2003 16:31

I should be so lucky.

Gill Richards

13 November 2003 10:02

I'm guessing the pit is a bit quieter now that the great unwashed have left. Not quite as much chance of chopping your fingers off in the whirl of knives.
I'm getting back ache from sitting in front of the pc for too long, i think i need to go out and visit some sites, otherwise i may have to go sick.........hmmmm?.......

Vile Jelly

13 November 2003 10:19

Actually, no chance of chopping my fingers off now.

What sort of sites? Web ones can only be visited by sitting down in front of the pc!

Gill Richards

13 November 2003 10:38

why? are you on holiday, sick leave or been laid off?

Buildings, with land around, all over the south bristol, bath, trowbridge area and over towards swindon. I can't tell you more than that, or  i'd have to kill you!! ;-)

Vile Jelly

13 November 2003 14:31


Please feel free to kill me.

Gill Richards

13 November 2003 15:00

too much sand in the sandwiches?

wouldn't dream of it, but i know how you feel. Anything else available?

Vile Jelly

13 November 2003 15:05



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