It Will Be All Fight On The Night!

Christ Horne

(Yes, I know it's Chris Thorne but when I got the first e-mail it had one of those concatenated names on it and I just read it that way at first and now it has stuck in my consciousness as that!)

12 November 2003 10:11

To whom it may concern:
Going to be in st ives for new years and wondering what pubs are selling tickets for then please? If so or if not could you recommend some pubs for a fun loving late twenties crowd please?
I don't want to get there and found out we can't get in anywhere.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Best Wishes,

Vile Jelly

12 November 2003 11:09

As far as I am aware (not very far after a few pints of Doom Bar!), at present they have not confirmed that they are going ahead with the wristband ID thing so St. Ives will be its usual unpleasant best of two falls, two submissions or a knockout free-for-all to get in the normal pubs. (Clubs of various denominations are usually ticket/member only affairs).
So bring plenty of body armour and patience and you should be able to get at least one pint (which someone will no doubt knock out of your hand) over the 12 hour riot!
PS. I'm not joking about the crowds. The Sloop removes every single item of furniture it gets that packed and the other pubs are much the same. Do not expect to sit at a table with a few pints of shandy singing Auld Lang Syne. Do expect to have to fight for every inch of space you occupy.

Christ Horne

12 November 2003 11:12


Vile Jelly

12 November 2003 15:08

Nyet problemski.

Christ Horne

12 November 2003 16:30

I'm not expecting anything but if you learn of anything further about new years, can you let me know please.
a complete stranger

Vile Jelly

13 November 2003 09:53

If I'm still around and anything significant crops up I'll try to let you know.
To be honest, if they were going to do anything I'd have thought we'd have heard something more concrete by this late in the year. So, pack your knuckledusters and take out extra life insurance, it looks like it will be NY Eve as usual!

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