Here Is The Nudes ...


01 December 2003 17:42

There could be holes

Look about this calender thing. How about the RT getting their kit off, placing a few clam/cockle/crab or similar shells in strategic places and producing your own vile calender. You could include a former mining thing and make it a colander. Sure the RT would go for it and think of the money you would make!

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

01 December 2003 18:07

But they don't have any clothes on already!

I'm not sure if the fur/wool/scales etc. are dismountable and even if they are how do I persuade them out of it. Most of them are film/TV/video game stars and you know how uptight stars get about candid piccies.

Now, if I, in my personal capacity as myself, got my kit off that would, in deed, be vile. Like they say about a place full of landmines, toxic waste, emmets and tony blair ..... don't even think about going there!

I am so shocked at the hideousness (hideosity?) of the thought that I am going to lie down in a cool, darkened room for some time.

With my clothes on.

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