Ghost Ryders In St. Ives?

Benita Cumming

02 December 2003 22:44

Ryder Haggard

This e-mail address came up on a search for Ryder Haggard info - apparently he lived in St. Ives? I live in Exeter but I am from Torquay. My geat-aunt (I think her last name was Treby and possibly called Jane) was, according to family legend, the 'mistress' of Ryder Haggard & she went to America with him. I am trying to find out more - my father died 18 months ago and there are not many of us left to find out anything. Do you know any more or where I can go to find out? My grandmother's name was Liza Treby & she married my grandfather in Torquay but I think the family was originally from Cornwall. My name is Benita and I have just had a bit of a shock because another search has shown that 'RH' wrote a story about Africa with my name in the title - first I knew about it!!
Any Info gratefully received as I am just starting this research
Benita (Cumming)

Vile Jelly

03 December 2003 10:04

It's news to me (and possibly him) if he did. Of course, such oeuvres as King Symons's Tin Mines might argue otherwise!
I know that Virginia Woolf and Daffy Du Maurier used to hang out the winks and chat up drunken fishermen but have never heard anyone allude to visitations by HRH. I will ask around among the locals and the artyfartys and see if any of them have any scurrilous stories on the subject.

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