Murder They Scribbled!

Helen Bristol

06 December 2003 10:36

Re: The Rich Trappestry of Life

Didn't make in the end. BM got stuck up the Chimneys after the usual delays on the A12 or F16 or whatever the road to essex is called.  I thought I'd telepathically felt a shiver of symphony ..............................but then realised I'd left the door open.  Had intended to do shopping-for-supper so while BM was unwinding with another well-earned pint I nipped out to find something to eat.  At the butchers I was warmly welcomed with a jovial "what can I do you for, Madam"  laugh? I nearly wet myself. Followed by "would you like a glass of wine? oh its all gone" They do hospitality hereabouts. Ashley the town looked really pretty (which makes a nice change) and there was a good atmosphere.AND no skateboarders.
On the heretical note - I used to do Bah Humbug but decided to go with the flow this year and good gracious, yes, I find I'm ashley enjoying it.  So cards done, some pressies bought AND wrapped, planning to go to various works do's, stacks of Dundee cakes for the troops made and being fed ( strangely I always manage to pour too much brandy into the feeding glass and my hand isn't steady enough at this stage to pour it back into the bo''le................hic - 'scuse
Trip north postponed as Big Soeur has a flu-y coldy thing.  Sisterliness does not extend to sharing her germs when I'm still getting rid of my lot. So reprieved til New Year unless we can inveigle someone else into inviting us somewherelse for the jollification's.
PS Have symphony for CM  -  the carpenter (with a small C) have started work on the floor.  Life in a mud hut is never straightforward.  t'was supposed to be only new floorboards but they've discovered dryrot and woodworm in the joists.  CM's nerves are shot to pieces what with stranger men in the house and loads of banging going on.

Vile Jelly

06 December 2003 11:26

What an idyllic life (dry rot aside) you have in Bedford Falls.
I suppose skateboarding must be difficult in a town built in the marshes. A tad squidgey under the wheels I would have thought.
St. Ives is looking distinctly unfestive. They've bodged mini crimbo trees in the flag sockets on the buildings in downtown St. Ives and turned on the Xmas light [sic]. Just hope the bulb doesn't pack up.
About the only advent sign is the RT who have started working on this year's mystery play. I have to help them with the script as they not too good at spelling (although the Sonics, as you would guess, are excellent at puncturation!). Apparently this year's oeuvre is going to be a classic murder mystery. So far, all they've managed to work out by way of a plot is that I get murdered and the mystery is why no one got round to doing it earlier.

Helen Bristol

06 December 2003 15:06

At least being here in the ague-ridden hinterlands we don't get (whatever the East Angularian is for) emmets.............................they head for the benefits of the healthy German Sea and the undoubted delights of Great (whoever decided to call it that?) Yarmouth.  However, all is not quiet on the eastern front.  Some of the Waveney Valley's finest artisans are still busy carving up the floor.  I almost crave the peace and quiet of the  brassicas of Linkingsheer, despite the bugs.  CM has resorted to curling up on my string bag on the kitchen table.  Not the most hygienic behaviour but as the whole house looks like a Saharan dust storm what's the difference? I'm going to have to Advent clean once they've finished. 
As you're turning your hand to script writing you can pen the romantic lead for yourself. Even a murder mystery has to have a romantic lead.  Lets face it, if George C Scott can play Mr. Rochester, you'd be laughing.  
Hark!..............I hear silence.  Oh bliss, oh joy............... Best I get back down there and see what's going on.

Vile Jelly

07 December 2003 09:43

Like I said, I have already been given a leading role as the body. Of course, the RT insist that I appear face down on the ground in order to protect the audience from my fearsome physiognomy but at least they were kind enough to give a part.
Early days yet but the plot is definitely getting a bit strange. I think Flat Eric and Soupie must have spent too long inhaling the wood smoke in the Engine (as witnessed in the new feature). Either that or the world really has gone mad.
Oh well, time to get on with it .....
Ready when you are Mr. De Mille!

Helen Bristol

07 December 2003 14:50

I imagine they offering you a fig role.  I think you might find that the world (them not us) really has gone mad.
All this dust stuff is beyond a joke.  I think I'll just shut up shop and pitch a teepee on the field.
PS have you remembered what it was yet?

Vile Jelly

08 December 2003 08:57

Couldn't you install an ant/worm/beetle farm while you are waiting for the Carpenters (we've only just begun) to finish. Failing that I suggest you call any occupants of interplanetary craft and get the hell off this planet while you can. At least you've got a ready made duster in CM when it finally gets to clean-up time!
PS. Remembered what? Remind me again and I'll try to remember whether I remembered it.

Helen Bristol

08 December 2003 17:48

Whatever it was that was so exceptional that you couldn't remember ...............................
Well, if the rumours I've heard are true, I'd be more than willing to travel on the Tardis with Dr.W.  Wonder if (s)he will wear fishnets tights a a miniskirt.
It didn't take long for CM to realise that to get from comfy bed to food , if he was too scared to walk across unsecured bouncy floorboards, was to nip out of the front door, round the side of the hut, and in through his cat flap. 

Vile Jelly

09 December 2003 08:43

Ah well, in that case, you can entertain yourself by making the cat flap one way. Then, when CM slinks in, you can laugh evilly saying, "Fool, you'll never leave the Dungeon of Doom alive, bwahahahaha!".
PS. I think Tom Baker should be the new Dr. Who. That would really confuse people!

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