The Oak's On Me!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

24 December 2003 02:05

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

read Paul Thoreaux (sp)  Paddling the South Pacific.. he makes a lot of fun of nuzillin and many other izland cultures.. you'll laugh out loud..
back to the pizza place.. over the holidays as they say... and I pressed a key and all the writing we've been ddddddoing scrolled past.. whew!
and .. upon reading a little book on l2th cty praying  The Hastings Hours I see that there is a shadow of other script behind the latest writing .. so wonderful to be able to see the palimpsest in action.. no worries about the tea mate.. but befor you say no to my coffee.. give ita baashh.

Vile Jelly

24 December 2003 09:35

Coffee? Can't stand the taste.
You are talking to the man who used to nibble the chocolate coating off his Revels just to make sure he didn't inadvertently consume a coffee-flavoured one!
Well, give my regards to the colonies and don't forget to tune into the Queen's Speech on Crimbo Day to keep the British Empire alive and kicking.

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

24 December 2003 02:10

i dont know.. but there is another letter from the spaniard up the list.. will ask.. he was wearing those huggable panties and looked very unsexy.. knobby knees with the wrinkly tops.. all sinew and determination..  there was, however a redeeming beauty that season... a young swiss fellow with a beautiful smile and a penchant for Dire Straits....
hope you get a hug from the ancient oak et cetera

Vile Jelly

24 December 2003 09:34

But there are no trees (oak or otherwise in St. Ives).
While put walking I did get (understandably) mistaken for an orc, though, and stood on by an ent. Does that count?
Merry Saturnalia and a Happy New Solstice!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

28 December 2003 23:26

mr. Kelly.. are you at all Irish?   how come all this teatalk and worries about me and tea darling... I love tea and it has to be HOT...and made the way me olde mum made it... first warm the pot.. dump out the water.. put in TWO tea bags and pour boiling hot water on.... and not too much  two cups and a bit more  steep 5, count them, 5 minutes..  milk in first.. pour tea.. into a CUP not a mug and relax with a few Burtons? digestive cookies.. oh  you are allowed to dip... if those cookies weren't made with beef tallow I'd 'ave  'em, so nowadays I have safflowered gingersnaps instead... when I get off this chilly computor.. ( now I'm in an abandoned bar in the Downtown Hotel) and is a mite chilly. temp being 35 below today..    I am walking home to my fab roast beef with spuds and carrpots and many many cloves of garlic..   put a bit of ginger on top....turned on low.. just right for when I get back...

regards given to the colonies.. M   ps.   cheers for 2004

Vile Jelly

29 December 2003 08:44

Me? A bog-trotter? I've never been so insulted in all my life. Call me a drug dealer, call me a child molester but don't call me I***h!
And what do you mean 'give my regards to the colonies'? It is you, my maple-leafed marsupial Maeve, who occupies the furthest reaches of the British Empire, whereas I reside in Good Old Blighty! I can just see you as the Colonial Governor, with one of those hats with a chicken on, going out to shoot a few natives before tiffin and then bagging a few endangered species before settling down for a vat of G&T's in the evening.
Remember, having an empire is good for you and, therefore, good for everyone else. The Americans were so impressed by ours they've dedicated all their efforts in the 20th and 21st centuries to getting one of their own.
PS. Beef sounds good, not so sure about THAT much garlic. Are you expecting vampires? 

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

02 January 2004 20:51

dear one... you asked ME to give YOUR regards to the colonies.. as I recall!... and so I did..   I have a 30's silver plate tray.. and in the Malcolm Lowrie movie adaptation of "Under the Volcano".. they used a tray just like mine to serve the G& T's... so I am keeping the tray in case needed.. I like tonic water on account of the quinine..  no gin thanks
the roast was yum..   and Ned liked some too.. so we shared..   39 below today ..planning escape!... M

Vile Jelly

03 January 2004 09:22

Touchť (Turtle)! I must have misread it the first time as it all makes sense now. It must have been an excess of christmas spirits that caused me to read the worms the wrong way round.
PS. Why did you send me this e-mail in triplicate? Is it your revenge for the colonies regarding incident?

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

06 January 2004 23:41

i have no idea why 3,  was in that weird stale smoke bar in the cold... mybe I shivered on the key... hows the north sea?  the full  moon around here has two dancing suns about 4 million  miles on each side ( thats a guess) about the mileage...and the sky is hazy with stars at 40 below...

Vile Jelly

07 January 2004 10:49

Sure it isn't the DTs?
The North Sea? We are about as far from the North Sea as you can get and still be in Britain. We are in the Atlantic where the weather is warm, wet and windy. Benefit of being an island instead of a continental land mass, y'see. It doesn't drop below zero that often here and hardly snows ever. Still, if you will on doing Nanook of the North impressions in the Great Ice Cube what can you expect.
Snuggle down in your igloo with the North Polar Bear and think summer's only 6 months away!

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