Polar Bare?


02 February 2004 08:59

Re: Whiskey or Piskies Galore

You, of course, are a relatively new comer to St.I - (whose feastday is tomorrow I seem to recall) However, us chaps who have been around for many, many years know that it has snowed in St I - so there!!

Vile Jelly

02 February 2004 09:52

Yes, but that was in the early neolithic period (and I still think they faked it). I am trying to address the 21st century situation here. Thanks to global warming and the hot air emanating from a zillion ems St. Ives is now full of Kalahari bushmen who have flown north to stay warm in the winter!

T-shirts and ice cream weather this last week or so, what's it been like your way?


02 February 2004 14:24

Well OK it was early and it was at Zennor but that's pretty close! - Eskimoes is the answer!

Vile Jelly

03 February 2004 09:14

Zennor? That's no more in St. Ives than Rio de Janeiro (and about just as far away if you walk to it on the Coast Path!). Also, given that you were no doubt in flagrante delecto (and the Tinners) with Ms. Mermaid are you sure you were really paying proper attention to what the weather was doing at the time?

PS. Eskimoes or Eskimo's? And did you reach that conclusion analytically or just use your inuition?


03 February 2004 16:30

No it's not - No Comment - - Either -- (or Eider) -

Vile Jelly

04 February 2004 09:53

I look forward to your 'home video' of you and Ms. Mermaid being published on the internet a la Tommy & Pamela!

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