Some Like It Hot

Janet Bentley

02 February 2004 09:57

Pastie exports

Dear Mr Jelly,

        Pastie exports can be seen in the Midlands as well. There is a shop in the middle of Birmingham that sells them - far more interesting than the new Bullring. There is also a shop in Wolverhampton. They have a nice like cross-cultural thing going. They send balti paste prepared by a local restaurant down to the pastie mines who then send them balti pasties as well as the more traditional varieties. I can recommend the Wolverhampton ones. If you stand on the street and eat them you will even get attacked by pigeons. They haven't exported the large seagulls yet!

Wishing you gainful employment


Vile Jelly

03 February 2004 09:14

Do you know who makes them? Well, assembles them, no doubt they are actually made by 3 year olds in Botswana.
Can you get hold of a supply of extra strong vindaloo ones and send them down here? We could feed them to the seagulls. Just imagine the fun (and the people running for cover every time the flatulent flyers pass overhead!).
PS. Birmingham? Wolverhampton? Are you with a UN peace-keeping force?

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