Tedium Laudamus!

Andrew Macdonald

29 April 2002 09:59

Ho, hum

Always good to know one has helped engender a lively debate.......................................zzzzzzzzzzz. [Yes, you've certainly stirred up a hornet's nest with your controversial views on the website background. So far, the general public has been responding with furious apathy and have written in zero letters on the matter (unless the Shauns are eating them when they come through the letterbox). Better luck next time, eh?]
Splendid views from Jelly Towers, and no doubt a stone's throw from the Sloop, depending on how good you are at throwing stones. [It's not the stone-throwing that worries us, it's the walk back at the end of the night. We're not saying it's steep but the other day we found the remains of Mallory and Irving near the summit!]
PS.  Jolly good to see in these days of declining standards in our schools that someone is still reading their Juvenal.  If more children had Latin beaten into them with a blackboard rubber from the age of seven, juvenile delinquency rates would tumble, you see.  Anyway, didn't do me any harm.  

Reporting Team

29 April 2002 18:03

No one ever worried about the schoolboys involved, I fear. In fact, I believe that when the Pope was asked what to do about the plight of young boys in Latin-enforcing schools he simply replied, "Bugger them".
Still, it just goes to show that you really can't fault the catholic church for their almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. It's their chief weapon. Along with fear. And surprise. etc.
It was the final meat draw last Friday and I won bugger all (which wasn't a surprise) and Trevor won bugger all (which was)! Even worse, the demise of the meat draw means the advent of the Summer misery. We all ritually exchanged addresses and phone numbers and promised that we'd give any who have fallen by the wayside a Viking funeral when we meet up again in October.

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