Janet Bentley

15 March 2004 13:18

Dear Mr Jelly,
                The link to the beyblade test appears to have gone awry - so now I'll never know the awful truth! On another point, if it never snows in St Ives, how come, at the St Ives Times & Echo office they have been know to sell cards with a photo of the Island covered in snow? I think I'd rather have snow than emmets anyday!


Vile Jelly

15 March 2004 14:40

Holy exploding batpoo, batman!
Hm, not sure what has happened there. Hang on a mo' .....
Buggeration. It has gone off the air. Don't know if they'll be back. If not I suppose the RT will have to come up with a cunning alternative plan. Bear with us.
PS. I can assure you that it never snows in St. Ives .....
Well, actually, now that we have disposed of the great unwashed and whittled the readership down to the Chosen Ones, I can reveal all:-
si snow1.jpg (35966 bytes) si snow2.jpg (42148 bytes)
si snow3.jpg (45959 bytes) si snow4.jpg (36379 bytes)

Vile Jelly

17 March 2004 09:17

Good gnus (or possibly not, depending on how you feel about it)!
The Beyblade Thingy link seems to be working again. Not sure what happened (sometimes websites seem to disappear and reappear a bit like Brigadoon).
So, c'mon, don't be a pompous old killjoy like Wimp-waloe!

Janet Bentley

17 March 2004 13:59

Apparently I'm Oliver. Now I nothing about these characters but I'm supposed to be good at cooking - This is the point at which the accuracy of this quiz completely fizzles to nothing! Ask my hubby, I so hate cooking that he won't let me near his saucepans as he says that he fears for their safety. As for graceful and elegant - well graceless and elephant would be more appropriate!
At the risk of starting a trend, try
Have fun

Vile Jelly

17 March 2004 16:57

Perhaps it means that please could you have some more?
Anyway, to be precise it says 'cooking is your hobby and you're very good'. This sentence could be conjugated in two ways;
Your hobby is cooking and you're good at it
You're very good and your hobby is cooking
As for graceful and elegant, remember (as can be seen in some of the other results) this has probably been translated from pseudo-Japanese into cod English by Iranian illegal immigrants hiding out in London. London obviously explaining the breakdown in the English language. No doubt, what it should say is 'grateful and eloquent'.
Cut yourself some slack and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Besides you don't have to be any good at cooking to earn a pittance in the kitchen trade ...... er ...... so a bloke in a pub somewhere once told me ..... allegedly!
Would you believe it but I have never watched the Office. Probably the years of experiencing 'real' office life put me off. When I watch TV I want to be taken into the past or the future, to hear new stories, see new things, not be dragged back to the rubbish I left behind a few hours ago. Probably explains why I loath with a passion Constipation Street, Beastbenders, etc. Life's crap enough without being constantly reminded about it.
Anyway, thanks for the offer. The link will be in the e-mails when they are printed but I don't want to go too far down that road. I did see a ditto thing for Lord of the Rings, thought about it and decided that one was a larf but I didn't want SSI to become a character quiz treadmill. I think the Beyblade thing is quite good because the questions are suitably weird and obscure for the SSI readership (my 8 yo nephew would no doubt be able to explain .... at length! .... what they all mean) and so it is an evenly uneven playing field for everyone. Maybe if I can find out how the program works I'll do an 'original' SSI version.
Meanwhile, my result was ..... Neil Godwin. Is that good?

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