04 July 2004 13:13

Re: Oh Yeeeee

I must admit to liking Penzance, well parts of it and there are some lovely houses. Also, you can walk to Newlyn and I like Newlyn as well (home of the late, lamented Voice of Cornawall)Bet it isn't any worse that Bristol. The reason you didn't see any pirates in the AB is that they were down at the local overdramatic society singing away about policeman and cats footsteps and wandering or is it wondering types. Should have looked in the churchyard got, a few g&g's in there.

Vile Jelly

04 July 2004 22:15

Oh, it's not all crap but bits of it are and seem to be getting ever crappier. Noolin's another experience worth trying. Don't go much for the ant colony, sorry art colony, but the fishy parts are quite good. Some of the pubs are rougher than a badger's bum, though. Never been to Brissle so couldn't compare notes on that one.

Oh dear, the Soup Dragon misheard you and is now leaving no gravestone unturned since she thinks you said the churchyard was full of G&T!

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