04 July 2004 13:17

Re: The moan it moaneth every day

Good point, it's about time those fishing types started pulling up something to put on the plate (although if you were a scholar or Hawker you would know about Boscastle and seals). Dolphin or Bs and chips are unlikley to start a new eating revolution (possibly a revulsion). Poor old things need a fishing and an insurance policy. Why have you not got any
merrymaids, what are you doing with them? Trust you are not sending them out to Eastern Europe in exchange for poles.

Vile Jelly

04 July 2004 22:19

I'm sure we've all had, knowingly or unknowingly, dolphin and chips but bees and chips? Now that must tickle the tastebuds!

We haven't got any mermaids down here because they have all been either surreptitiously served up in the local chippies or they have become kept mermaids, living off their immortal earnings from wealthy London eccentrics!

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