07 July 2004 08:16

Long Live Christmas,,30000-13151136,00.html

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

  The show will be a Christmas special
Cornwall's bid for independence has received an unexpected boost from an unlikely source.

Lisa Simpson, the precocious eight-year-old from Springfield, is to highlight the centuries old demand in a special Christmas edition of the world's most famous cartoon.

Lisa apparently becomes dedicated to the Cornish cause, running around the Simpsons' household shrieking "Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn", which means "Freedom for Cornwall now" in Cornish.

The show will be broadcast on Christmas Day and Lisa's four-minute outburst will be run as an alternative to the Queen's Speech.

The show's producers contacted the Cornish Language Fellowship to get a translation.

It came after executive producer Tim Long saw a Cornish comic in London.

His email to its website said: "I'm an executive producer at The Simpsons television show in Los Angeles.

"I have an urgent question regarding the Cornish language."

It is not clear why Lisa is so taken by the Cornish cause.

But Yeardley Smith, the actress who voices Lisa, has already recorded the freedom cry.

The Simpson family has been broadening its horizons in recent years, taking a special interest in British life after trips to Australia and South America.

Last year the production team visited the Cabinet room to record a cameo by Tony Blair.

Vile Jelly

07 July 2004 09:09

Hah! Your saintly powers are weak, old man ..... Heard all this yesterday.

Presumably, you will be sending snotty e-mails to Matt Groening et al now to tell them to stop moaning!

As I said to Helling, I'm all in favour of the Simpsons running the place. I can't see how fictitious cartoon characters could make a worse job of it than the London Politburo. The Reporting Team have already got their foot/paw/appendage in the door of the incoming administration!

Home is where the Bart is!

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08 July 2004 11:15

And Hah in return forsooth! - I was just too busy Sainting to send it out as soon as it had reached the Saintly in-box. It always amazes me how you chaps are so far out of touch. The Simpsons are not a pretend family they are real! - I admit that on TV they appear as cartoon characters but that is all do with the requirements of the CIA, SIS, MI6, MI5, Mossad and Secret Squirrel. Probably the RT have a paw dipped in there as well.

Vile Jelly

08 July 2004 15:11

Pah to your hah! How dare you imply that anything could be more important than communing with SSI?

The Reporting team do not like to divulge their clandestine activities. Partly for of reasons of international security, partly because they are too busy running the Illuminati and partly because of that embarrassing time when a computerised reinterpretation of an old photo made it look like they were on the grassy knoll in Dallas!

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