Andrew Macdonald

11 August 2004 16:30

Rubbish, true, and Gallipot.
And the Reporting Team never got close.

Vile Jelly

12 August 2004 09:13

I took my last chinky meal back and said that it was rubbery. They said, 'Thank you velly much for the compriment'! Wasn't Gallipot where all the Aztecs (I thought they came from Mexico not Australia and New Zealand) spent months on the beaches of Turkey to avoid having to go and fight in the mud in Flanders?
How can you tell? Did you see anyone? No? Exactly. That proves it was them that done it.

Andrew Macdonald

13 August 2004 18:13

You're absolutely right.  I must have been thinking of galimatias - or didn't he just fall off his motorbike after one paracetomol too many?
But I know, because nobody drank the Chimbley but me.  They probably got seen off by the hodgepigs.
I'm not sure how much it will advance the sum of human knowledge, but a quick look at the Housing Corporation's website will give a good idea of how much "affordable" housing is available in Cornwall, but as someone (Helling?) rightly remarked, "affordable" is widely misinterpreted as meaning "cheap to buy".  It ain't.  It's supposed to be good quality housing provided mainly by housing associations and RSLs which is available for rent and isn't going to mysteriously find its way onto the housing market within months of completion.

Vile Jelly

14 August 2004 14:12

Aren't they spotty dogs, as in 101 Galmatians?
How do you explain your own photographic evidence that the beer glass mysterious empties without any visible external influence being applied? Either it was an extreme time-lapse piccy to capture evaporation in action or that undetectable removal of the beer can only have been the work of the RT.
Well, yes, like I said to Helling, that was my impression of what social housing was supposed to be. I suppose after 25 years of continuous fascism under Thatcher, Major and Blair I should not be surprised that the principle of accepting a social responsibility to provide a roof over the heads of the have-nots has been perverted into a 'buy into the property market or die' form of social darwinism. As I hinted in the last bulletin, I do not see how a few individuals can be allowed to benefit from the right to buy thingy if that 'right' is exercised to the detriment of society as a whole. For somewhere with Cornwall's housing problems to be losing rather than gaining council housing is ridiculous.

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