Andy Archer

12 August 2004 23:37

I'm sure I won't be the first ...

.. but I may be the last to point out that meor9.jpg in the gullery is arse-about-face.
Should I claim a prize? We're coming down next week for a fortnight, that's 30odd summers in a row.
Only just found your wonderful site and there's an awful lot of reading to be done so I read the photos first!

Vile Jelly

13 August 2004 09:59

Acshually, you are the first (despite the obvious 'spot the deliberate mistake' hint). Says something about the powers of observation of the SSI readership!
Mind you, if you've been coming down here at this time of year for the last three decades you must be a bit slow on the uptake yourself! St Ives is revolting in August, why do you punish yourself so?

Andy Archer

13 August 2004 23:35

Well actually, for me, it is nearer 40 years in a row and we always avoid August or the school holidays for obvious reasons, but this year we've had to 'consider the children' and we're stuck with a Saturday to Saturday hire down Primrose Valley, so we're topping and tailing that, camping at Trevalgan, from Tuesday.

When I were a lad, I often daydreamt of coming back to St. Ives as a millionaire, and buying out all the trashy tourist trinket shops and returning the town to way I remembered it in the early 60s.
Thankfully I never became that millionaire as I believe it may have turned me into one of the greedy bastards that have spoilt St. Ives, today.
Anyway, slow on the uptake, what are you doing, staying in St. Ives during revolting August, or are you picking up these emails from a beach in Mauritius?

Vile Jelly

14 August 2004 14:20

Proves my theory that children are bad for you. Mind you, plenty of opportunity at Trevalgan for cliff-top accidents if the little dears get too obstreperous!
Actually, if you think about it, you couldn't be like the greedy bastards if you did restore the town to an inhabitable format. The greedy bastards are the ones responsible for all the trashy tourist trinket shops, etc. A couple of people I know living here go all misty-eyed when you mention the 1960's in St. Ives. Apparently, a very good time was had by all in a more liberal and civilised era.
I would give what few arms and legs I have to not be in St. Ives in August (which my mate, Welsh Derek has managed by going on a big family holiday/wedding bash in the Dominican Rep). Unfortunately, when you work in the skivvying trade you are not allowed any time off in the summer holidays. You can have plenty of time off when you're fired at the end of the season!

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