Helen Bristol

17 August 2004 19:45

heroes and Villains

I was going to fulminate against the Winwallow but  then -why?  he thinks he's the only important contributor.  Well good luck to him.  I pity poor Mrs. W and the kids if he's like that at home.  No one forces him to read stuff.   If he don't like it don't read it.
Nuff said - I got bored with his stuff weeks ago and only read last weeks cos it was raining.
I still like MOST of the rest of SSI.

Vile Jelly

17 August 2004 22:06

Ooh, is this a hint of controversy? What other bits don't you like ('part from Yours Falsely, natch)? It's yonks since I've had a critique.
PS. Had a bolt (well, e-mail) from the blue from Liz Ringrose from the olden days of SSI. Despite what some non-believers might like to claim, apparently, we few are not alone!

Helen Bristol

19 August 2004 18:22

I always try to steer clear of controversy - take the path of least resistance. Why uselessly burn up calories getting yourself in a lather about something that is irrelevant and tomorrow you'll wonder what all the fuss was about?  I'm all for Good Queen Bess... "if you leave something for long enough it won't need to be done" ( I paraphrase of course). Anyway, like I said, why?  An overblown bloke who hasn't got the guts to take responsibility for his opinions.
I'll give the critique some thought...

Vile Jelly

20 August 2004 10:38

Ah but lightning bolts take the path of least resistance (I think, I managed to fail Physics O Level. Cos I didn't do any work and in those days if you couldn't answer any of the questions you failed exams!). Which Queen Bess was that? The one who fought the Spanish Armadillo or the one who had the Horrible Anus?
Well, any thought will do. It will be more than Windy put in.

Helen Bristol

20 August 2004 17:23

I wasn't allowed to do Physics, or Chemistry or Geography but still managed to find enough subjects to get the required 8 (which seemed to be the set number at the skool I went to) I did say GOOD QB., so assumed you'd understand that I meant the former.
I'll put in some thought while I'm waiting at the surgery - I got something in my eye last Sunday and it has been getting increasingly runny and sore.

Vile Jelly

20 August 2004 19:51

Oh, I got the 8 (10 eventually). I'm just pissed off that I had to ruin an otherwise perfectly good couple of early summers taking exams when I could just fill in a form (modular over two years, natch) to get them now. Elsewhere, there was nothing good about QB1 or QB2 as the broken bodies under the former and the broken marriages under the latter will testify. At least QB2 had the decency to restrain her cruelty to her own family whereas QB1 had it in for everyone, espesh Joe Q. Public.
Yes, I what you mean. My Sundays are increasingly sore and runny.

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