Size Isn't Everything!

Susanne Woodman

23 May 2002

Congrats on your website

I don't think you need to apologise for the "amateur" look of your website. 

The content is much more interesting than that on many "slick" ones. The
pages and photographs are good enough to be looked at many times and you update the site regularly. That makes it  "sticky" to use one of Mike's technical terms - the stuff on your website is far more fascinating than his!

Best wishes


Reporting Team

23 May 2002 20:20

Murky buckets, as the French say!

Although to be fair Mike is a totally quality bloke who gave Jelly a few good tips (to say nothing of some of the beers he won in the Sloop Meat Draw). It is a perverse thing but popularity as far as amateur websites go is a lot harder to deal with than obscurity. The site seems to have attracted a few friends (and we firmly subscribe to the theory that it is better to have a few friends than an army of acquaintances) and Jelly does feel that he is letting them down by not getting more new material. Meanwhile, over to him ...

The problem is that due to work commitments and re-constructing this house I honestly have had one day off since Easter. I'd love to do more on the site but realistically there is so little opportunity at the moment that it is all I can do to keep up with the weekly bulletin. In all honesty, if it wasn't for the 'faithful' such as yourself I'd have seriously contemplated pulling the plug for 6 months until I had the chance to get time to do a proper job.

But enough of that, when are you coming down? (Wouldn't recommend July or August unless you are be-sprogged). The few 'spookyists'  we've met down here have been a hoot.

Susanne Woodman

24 May 2002

I'm coming down on 1st June for a week but will you be in a state of total
prostration due to the Beer Festival on the previous weekend? (I mean from exhaustion, not consumption!)

Best wishes [That's nice of her, isn't it? Always polite, even to VJ. We need more people like this].


Reporting Team

24 May 2002 17:16

1st of June? Aagh! That's the ******* jubilee weekend, isn't it?

Would like to meet up but I don't know what the roster for then will be like (pear-shaped I suspect). I work down the Sloop but even if I am on duty you can always ask one of the senior bar staff (i.e. in the Sloop section) to give me a shout in the kitchen and I will see if we can squeak a word in edgeways.

The new place, when it becomes inhabitable, is up on the heights of Ayr, not far past the caravan park thingy.
PS. Hope you don't mind the heading in the e-mails section, for a myriad of reasons I just couldn't resist it!

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