Les Williams

13 September 2004 12:48

St Michael's Way Walk

Printed out your maps and guide and did the above. Very enjoyable and good directions and it would have been a struggle without them. Some great views of St Michael's Mount. The last bit of the walk after crossing the A30 at Crowlas wasn't as interesting as the earlier part.

One small omission from your guide. You forgot to warn of the waft of smelly carpet when opening the door to enter the Godolphin Arms. Quite a shock after all that fresh air! Perhaps we got it on a bad day.

Thanks for all the work you put in to producing the guide.

Best Wishes

Les Williams

Vile Jelly

13 September 2004 14:09

Ta muchly.

Yes, it's a pity that the last bit takes you past such glories as the Rospeath Industrial Estate. It's OK as walks down leafy lanes go but hardly up to par with what has previously been on offer. I preferred that way as, at the last, it brought you out over the top of Marazion and t'Mount. It used to be either that or down onto the Causeway which includes the wonders of the Long Rock Industrial Estate so somewhat of a no-win scenario. There is now a third version of the walk that takes you through the Marazion Marshes (try to avoid stepping on the twitchers). I keep meaning to do that version, maybe I should now.

Don't know what was up with the old go-go dolphin. Actually, I always just headed straight round the back to the Gig Bar and verandah, so pongy carpetware at the front may have escaped my view (or nostrils).

Glad you could make use of the feature, anyway. Was the Eden Ale still on? Did you go to the Mount and claim full remission for your sins?

Feel ready for the coast path now? Only 9 hours to Land's End!

Happy trails.

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