Gill Richards

11 November 2004 10:22

RE: pah

I am still alive, but i keep getting asked to do work, so i haven't got time for frivolities. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!
Are you in the clear yet?
Not Es, lots of chemicals, that do strange things to your brain..........
No sprouts?! Not coming there then.
You always need to practice at something, otherwise you forget how to do it, and that would be awful!

Vile Jelly

11 November 2004 15:34

Commiserations. I'm still alive too and it's no fun, is it. Why don't you just do what everyone around me seems to do and goof off shamelessly even though you are supposed to be working? That way you can frivol to your heart's content.
No, I'm in the [brown whiffy substance].
So do Es so you never know .....
Good. Nothing personal but I hate it when friends/family/strangers/enemies/etc. drop in. I mean why the hell would anyone think I'd be glad to see them when all they are doing is adding to my workload?
But what do you do if you forget how to practice forgetting?

Gill Richards

11 November 2004 16:00

But i can't do that. I have a conscience and no-one else would do the work, so i'd only have to do it when i come back. I've done lots today though and my brain is now mush, so i am going home.
oh dear.
that was my point.
I wouldn't go there anyway. 1. it would cost money, 2. i don't like other people, 3. it would cost money, 4. i wouldn't be able to chat to you and buy you beer.
you don't

Vile Jelly

11 November 2004 16:17

Oh yes you can, just try a bit harder. Just ignore it when you get back and eventually someone else will have to do something about it. Why does your brain being mush disqualify you from continuing at work. It doesn't in t'castle dungeons.
Right. So we're sorted for Es .....
Excellent. True, very sensible, true and true.
What if you forget you don't?
PS. Did you see the Beeb 10 o'clock nudes last night? There was an update on their feature on the post EU-nification influx of eastern European serfs. Guess which industry the vast majority have ended up in.
Aaaah, what it is to be the crème de la scum of Europe! I think I'll try to get a job as a drugs dealer or child abuser. Anything with a bit more social status than the hotel trade.

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