Ed Care

29 November 2004 16:23

Permission to Reproduce (Photos)

It has been a couple of years since my last visit to SI but I continue to follow your adventures through spooky1.com.  I still think it's about the best website I visit.  Well, enough bum kissing for now.  I am in the midst of writing a family history and one of the chapters is about St. Ives and the Knill Celebration.  You have a couple of pictures on your website that I would like to include in the book.  One is of the procession up High Street that includes the fiddler and the other is of fiddler John Care.  I don't know the man, but it will make an interesting tie in to the Celebration and the Care family.
I would like your permission to reproduce these.  The book will not be for sale but will be given as gifts to  family members and other interested (probably very few) people and places.  Please let me know how you would like the photos to be attributed.
By the way, I don't miss Windbag in the slightest!
Keep up the good works, and keep smiling.
Ed Care 

Vile Jelly

30 November 2004 15:41

No probs, help yourself. I would like the piccies attributed (just in case) but no need to make a hoo-hah over it. Just stick a footnote in the appendix or whatever in some unobtrusive place.
I always smile. Except when I'm awake!

Ed Care

30 November 2004 20:48

Thank you.  Your permission will definitely be well noted. 
I'm trying to plan for a return to St. Ives this winter or early spring with my two grandsons (12 and 13) so they will know for themselves where some of the family's silliness came from.  I'd like to meet up with you again.  Although I'm pretty much limited to drinking no-proof beer, I still have an occasional cold one in your gift glass from the 2002 St. Ive's Beer Festival. 
Thanks again,

Vile Jelly

01 December 2004 09:42

Cheers. You don't need to ask again if you want to blag anything else. Just do likewise.
Hope to see you again then (assuming I am still of this world and in St. Ives). We can introduce the grand-sprogs to proper beer (I assume they will already know how to surf and skateboard, which are the other two main preoccupations of St. Ives youth). You could take them down the tin mine at Geevor and tell them 'this is where we used to live before grandpa built the house in St. Ives'. You've got to mess with their minds, y'know. Just to remind them who's boss!

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