Steve Collier

30 November 2004 20:33


Good to see things are back to normal at SSI. I'm stuck out here in these foreign parts till 29th December so the reporting team probably won't get their DB until january.
You'd love it in our galley - we've got a cook, 3 assistants and a baker toiling away in a space about 30' x 15' producing mexican type grub for about 55 people including yours truly and I can assure you its nothing like 'The Mex' on the Stennack.
Yours losing weight rapidly

Vile Jelly

01 December 2004 09:32

There is no such thing as 'normal' at the SSI offices. RT horrified at the scandal of Doom Bar-gate. News extracted from innocent young cuddly peeps in return for false promises of beer. They demand that you immediately turn around the Black Pig and sail forthwith for Smeaton's Pier. Don't shilly-shally. Put up a full press of canvas and keep the rigging manned around the clock.
Sounds just like the Sloop kitchen. But with more staff and less customers! Still, think positively. The less you eat the more room there is for beer!

Steve Collier

01 December 2004 20:16

Rigging fully manned and sails pressed but wind in wrong direction and we're getting nowhere fast. ETA Scilly some weeks ahead.
Assure reporting team that bribes will be paid in full.
Great having excess beer capacity but none on board the 'pig' and no prospect until liberation day which is my excuse for my delicate condition the first week home.

Vile Jelly

03 December 2004 09:15

From what you said about your Tex-Mex diet I would have thought an adequate supply of wind would have been the last of your problems!
RT limbering up as we speak. They hope that by the time you hove into the harbour they will have increased their beer capacity to that of a large supertanker. Hope they are paying you plenty of doubloons on the Black Pig.
I wouldn't describe your condition at the start of your shore leave as 'delicate'. Anyone who can fall over and walk into things that many times would have to be described as 'indestructible'.

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