Gill Richards

23 December 2004 11:38

RE: pah

I've just read SSI, you're going!! Lots of triffids in Stives are there? I'm sad because i know you love it there (or would if it wasn't for all the emms) but you also obviously love the Isle of Man so i wish you all the very best in whatever it is you will be doing.

I'll miss your humour on a Monday when i start the week with the news, i'll have to put up with misery like everyone else now!

You must have drunk a fair amount by now, it's the 23rd and you've dated the blurb 24th. Love the RTs carols.

- v odd that Winwaloe had the last email.

Vile Jelly

23 December 2004 16:04

No triffids. No worthwhile jobs either.

Didn't think the RT would finish their carol concert before Crimbo Eve. I suppose it makes up for all those times the Friday update actually hit the internet on Sunday!

Strange indeed. Although it probably won't be the last one because I am
hoping to do one final promulgation of the e-mus that are starting to come in.

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