Alex Menzies

23 December 2004 13:53

Help please

Just been looking at your web-site - Very Interesting

Iam trying to obtain a book / pictures ANYTHING on history of St. Just

I know that its quite close to yourselves and ive tried every where to get info -but no one seams able to help

Any chance of looking at this for me???

Also - do you do Ghost Walks around St. Ives - Would be interested in info if you do

Much Appreciated


Vile Jelly

23 December 2004 16:36

Cheers - It's very defunct now but that's another story.

Sorry I ain't got owt on St. Just (apart from having been there a few times). Don't know of anyone who has. Even their supposed website isn't where it's supposed to be. Mind you, they have only just introduced fire and the wheel there so we shouldn't expect too much! There is a website for St Just Town Council ( You might try contacting them. You'd think if anyone was taking any civic pride in the place they'd know about it.

There are a couple of ghost walkers down here (nothing to do with me). I know Shanty Baba was wittering on about doing a website but I don't think he's done anything about it. At the mo, the only way you can get the St. Ives ghostwalk experience is to come down and do it.

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