Sour Krauts?

Andrew Macdonald

28 June 2002 17:52

Next stop Poland?

In the nick of time, irrefutable evidence of the SS Panzergruppe St Ives training for the invasion.  This picture clearly shows camouflaged and disguised special forces on assault training.
All I did was click on the picture of Orm and the Soup Dragon shinning up (or down?) your newel post....
404.jpg (68880 bytes) Germany calling, Germany calling ...

And another spooky thing, I was tidying up my mailboxes this morning when I came across your email telling the world of your rave review in the Dirty Desmond and noticed you had a friend called  About an hour later, in the course of getting quotes for insurance (ably assisted by our great leader, who comes from Manchester) an email rolled in from

Strange, or what?

Reporting team

29 June 2002 08:46

Hm, that would explain why the town has been strangely full of euro-people for the last few weeks. Nevertheless we shall resist them to the bitter end. In the immortal words of Winston Churchill look-alike, Alfie the Seal, 'we shall bite them on the beaches'! I don't know why the krauts are trying to block pictures of Orm and the Soup Dragon. Maybe they are trying to conceal the depth of St. Ives' defences from their public.
What can we say about SIB other than ..... Jelly ran away from them (that's how he ended up here). Also, you're slightly mistaken, he didn't have a friend in the office@sib etc., his friend was the office (especially the filing cabinets which he frequently hid in) - all the actual occupants loathed and despised him.

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