Cash And Carry?

Liz Ringrose

07 July 2002 21:03


Hi Reporting Team [Hi, Liz!]

I'd like to add my voice to your protests about no housing for native St Ives folk. We live in a rural village where the young folk have to go into the city and live in cardboard boxes as there is no affordable housing for miles around. We'd like to move to Cornwall to live eventually. Not to have a holiday home, second home, investment property or the like. We just want to come and live down there, pay taxes and (try to) be useful members of Cornish society. However, having just spent two weeks in Mousehole, perusing the property, we think we could probably just afford to rent a cage at the Wild Bird Hospital. [Ooh, they're bloody expensive, you know.]

Liz Ringrose

Reporting Team

07 July 2002 22:28

Verily, 'tis sad but true. Such is the price of a house down here that we are forced to co-habit with the Vile One as we can not afford a lair of our own. Even some of the local businessmen (and women) are starting to realise that the reason they can't get any staff for the season is that no one can afford to come here and work for the sort of wages they are offering.

So maybe the yuppies will win in the end and St. Ives will become some giant theme park for them.

Or maybe they will all be mysteriously savaged to death by an unidentified stampede of hedgehogs and sheep!

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