Yankee Traders!

Marcie Ginn

27 November 2001 16:31

For reasons that shall remain unclear

well, perhaps not so unclear (you remind me dreadfully of my elder brother), did in fact feel compelled to write to you after reading bits and pieces (work gets in the way of play) of your web site/sites regarding St. Ives.

[Oh dear, if Jelly reminds you of your brother we don't know who to feel more sorry for ..... you or your brother!]

I've actually a question to ask and you'll find it a) boring, b) typical of an American and c) barely worth responding to, but still, if you'd be so kind. . .

In summer 2000 my partner and I visited St. Ives.  (I say "visited" because we did not stay in St. Ives; rather, having poked around on the Internet looking for hotels, and having come to the interesting and unfounded impression that Carbis Bay was in St. Ives, I booked us in at the [Anonymous] Hotel .....

[A popular mistake made by the unwary. Carbis Bay mysteriously appears on the horizon at sporadic intervals like Brigadoon. But, also like Brigadoon, it is really just a figment of your imagination, especially if you think it is just down the road from St. Ives. It is popularly believed that Mallory and Irving did in fact make it to the summit of Everest in 1924 but died in the attempt to get back down via Carbis Bay!].

Of course we trekked to St. Ives repeatedly and had a thoroughly enjoyable time except for our visit to the Tate, and please allow me to extend my heartfelt and relieved agreement with your assessment of what's contained therein.  One of the best things about our several visits to St. Ives was having a meal and a pint at The Sloop (no questions on our part about the fish of the day or whether we could get buffalo wings or whathaveyou; it was easy to decide on a crock dish full of seafood, cheese and so forth which was so damned tasty that we talk about it to this day).

Now I get to the question (you thought it would never happen, and you won't like it) - is there any place, particularly The Sloop but elsewhere in St. Ives, that sells that Godawful tourist commodity, legend t-shirts?  We traipsed the length and width of St. Ives to no avail - well, unless you count a couple of t-shirts or light jackets in neon colors; we're tourists, we're Americans, but we're still in possession of the smallest modicum of taste. . . .  [Which is more than can be said for most of the places flogging souvenirs around here]. Okay, go ahead and question that; I am, after all, asking about t-shirts.  But seriously - our trip to England was memorable, pleasurable, pretty much unbelievably good .....  and this is what you get for it!  Painful Americans with questions about t-shirts!  Anyway - any ideas?

[Anyone doing mail order/internet St. Ives goodies out there? These people need you].

Thanks for taking the time to read -

You're welcome (and it's not so much of a problem now that we have got our English-American dictionary!).

May you collectively have a pleasant diurnal cycle. [Not sure we got that translation spot on but at least we're trying]

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