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Stuart Phillips

19 September 2002 13:01

The Bagfest: an update

The Bagfest is over....
Well they have all gone home now, so its safe to come outside again !

We ended up with 45 bikes and one Traffic Warden outside The Sloop at 10am on the Saturday, TW was on his radio for backup as we roared off past Vile Jellies kitchen window on our way to Lands End, Porthleven and The Lizard.

Over the weekend we made various attempts to:

Eat the Sheaf of Wheat out of Curry and Chilli - We failed
Drink the Western dry, Even with a late bar - We failed
Liven up The whole of Primrose Valley with a very loud rock band - We got that one right ;-)
Raise some cash for disabled bikers and for club funds - We made £560 with raffles and Auction :-)
Everyone who came now wants to return next year for Bagfest 2003, so I have to start looking for a big hotel to fill with hairy bikers, anyone got Tregenna Castles number?)

Pictures of the weekend can be found in the gallery section of www.bagfest.co.uk

See you in the Sloop for a pint now that the Hordes of Tourists are leaving us alone.

Stuart Phillips, The Bagman..

32 Fore Street,
St. Ives,
TR26 1HE
01736 797187

Reporting Team

19 September 2002 15:11

Excellent. This is the sort of behaviour that should be encouraged (and given EU funding)!
Don't know if you saw the weekly bulletin (The Wild One) but Jelly missed most of the Saturday morning convention due to work. We were going to ask you after the dust settled down if you had anything we could use as on Spooky St. Ives but shall put in a link to your piccies.
Ta muchly and keep up the good work (it was almost like TT fortnight again).

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