3 October 2003

Last Of The Summer Ale

[Can't do sound effects so you'll just have to imagine the tune in your head].

And so we face the final curtain. Winter is upon us, which scores a 'hoorah' for reduced emmets but a 'boo hiss' for meaning the end of the decent weather.

Still, we managed to get a few last gasp (literally in the case of walking to Land's End on the Coast Path!) treks in and may yet deign to share some of the scenery with you when the long winter nights draw in.

We finished on a familiar tramp across the peninsula via St. Mick's Way.

Ace reporters, Flat Eric, Bart Simpson and Roving Roo bring you two scoops.

The first is the one in front of them they are sampling (in the interests of scientific research, of course) and the second is that ..... Yes, the Gig Bar in the Godolphin Arms has still got Eden Ale on draught and it's only £1.80 a pint.


The Spooky St. Ives Reporting Team bring you Eden Ale from St. Michael's Mount, Marazion.


The Alba restaurant (aka the old lifeboat house to locals) has just won the AA Seafood Restaurant of the Year for England.

See? Food ..... you can get it from there.

So, stop piling into the Sloop for fish and chips and go and broaden your horizons (well, it is the other end of the Wharf!).

Something Bunny Going On Here?

Visitors to St. Ives this summer may have been to see the latest attraction, the Wheal Ayr Hole.

You may recall that many moons ago, the houses on Wheal Ayr Terrace are having to be demolished due to the minor technicality of being next to mine shaft. As usual, work has progressed a(snail's)pace and the magnificent site now comprises ..... of a big hole in the ground.

Meanwhile, worried residents in nearby Trelawney (arr Jim lad) Avenue were disturbed to find cracks appearing in their home and holes appearing in their garden.

'Fear not', say landlords, Penwith Housing Association, 'It's nothing to do with the recent works, it's rabbits wot dunnit'.

Given that I was informed by one of the Wheal Ayr Hole workers that it was 1600 feet deep all we can say, 'Bloody hell, those are well hard rabbits'!

We'll let you know which subsides first, the kerfuffle or the house.

Another Unforeseen Development?

On top of the Tate/Meadow Flats debacle it has now emerged that a developer is to put forward proposals for the redevelopment of Porthmeor Beach. Proto-plans are said to include building up to 19 houses where the changing huts currently are. Apparently the Environment Agency has already raised a quibble about potential problems from the sea.

Oh, and although a third of any such development should be used for affordable housing, no one whatsoever will be surprised to discover that Penwith District Council are likely to seek an exception to this.


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