26 September 2003

Tyde In The Hole!

Just to prove once more that them thar cliffs be dangerous, it took five days (and god knows what expense) to extract a Jack Russell called Tyde from a crack down which she had disappeared over at Godrevy Head.

Eventually it took the combined efforts of the Cornwall Mine Rescue, RSPCA and Coastguards to extract the potholing pooch from the crevice.

"You could easily lose a small emmet down there", noted one observer. "Are there any about?"!

If The Map Fits .....

St. Ives could be the first town in Cornwall to have strategically positioned street maps rather than finger post direction signs.

However, this cunning plan does assume that (a) the emmets can read (a premise not apparently supported by their inability to read beach warning signs) and (b) they will actually follow the instructions (a premise not apparently supported by their inability to obey no parking, no littering, etc. signs).

We say every emmet should be stopped at the Porthminster, charged a fiver for a map, which is then stapled to their forehead, and left to their own devices. That way, if they can't read they can at least get a local to explain the map to them!

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

At long last, after repelling the hordes of emmets all Summer VJ was finally able to attempt the assault on the North Face of The Coastal Path.

The expedition was led by ace explorers, S. T. Hedgehog and S. T. Sheep, and involved walking the Coastal Path from St. Ives to Land's End using only a 1 Jellypower pack mule as support.

Eight hours later, and after much goading of aforementioned pack mule, they finally conquered the big one.

"Why are there signs saying 'Dangerous Cliffs'?" enquired Shaun as he gambolled forward to the objective.

"Why is it called Land's End?".

Followed by "Help! Where's the ground gone?" .....

..... and SPLASH!

Fortunately, Sonic was able to dive in and rescue him so no harm was done although they then had to be restrained to prevent further 'incidents' (and Shaun had to suffer the indignity of borrowing someone else's woolly jumper to wear while we dried his fleece out!

Sonic and Shaun enjoy the sunset over Wolf Rock Lighthouse.

"It's a good job you rescued me," said Shaun .....

Sonic & Shaun at Land's End
..... because I don't think the Navy was going to be much use in a crisis! blair1.jpg (63216 bytes)

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