19 September 2003

Buddy, Can You Spare A Dame

Moderately successful acteuses, Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, have been lurking down this neck of the woods. They have been filming at Cadgwith and are due to continue in Penwith later this week. The main location, a secluded cove, is being kept secret but the cast and film crews are currently shacked up in hotels in St. Ives and Penzance so you can draw your own conclusions for likely suspects.

The film will be called "Lavender Ladies" and is set in the 1930's (so considerable modernisation work was required for the shooting locations). The Reporting Team are currently negotiating with the film company to put in cameo appearances.

If The Crap Fits .....

Those of you who have been enjoying splashing around beautiful, unspoiled St. Ives Bay on your hols may be less than delighted to now that when it rains in Camborne and their crap gets flushed down here.

Yep, it's official. Because South West Water's present facilities can't cope, when it pours in Camborne to prevent the sewage backing up in the streets they flush it into the Red River and thence into St. Ives Bay at Gwithian. So, next time you bob out of the water on your surfboard and are greeted by a flotilla of turds you know who to blame.

Fringe Benefits

On first appearances the Festival-less Fringe has been a resounding success. (Unless you are imprisoned in a kitchen, in which case it has been a bloody disaster!). The town is still overrun by herds of emmets and the various and numerous events have been well attended. Harding did a talking walk around St. Ives expecting a dozen people if he was lucky and ended up with over 50!

On the down side (if you're an em) most nights it has been impossible to get a table in a restaurant for blood or money unless you booked in advance.

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