4 June 2004

Thought For The Week

Shir argid er yn charrey eu

[Ask your friend for money]

Bog Off!

Hey! Why waste time going out to look for news when the news just comes to you anyway.

There I was limping back from work (yes, it is possible to limp driving a car when you're ankle is a big a mess as mine was!) on Tuesday night when I discovered the route to my drive was totally obstructed by large objects of a South West Water vehicular nature. The drainhole in our cul-de-sac track had been recently showing signs of blockage and SWW had been summoned to unblock it.

Except they couldn't. At all.

Turned out that the house just down the road, which had had builders working on it recently, had lately discovered a teensy problemette. To wit, the drive appeared to be subsiding. Being worryingly close to the Wheal Ayr Terrace Crater the building contractors were summoned to sort the problem.

"Look," said Stevie Wonder, after some initial digging, "A hole".

"This'll sort it," replied Jesse James, shovelling 15 tons of concrete into the hole.

And so, the hole was completely filled. As were those funny-looking pipe-shaped holes around it!

Fortunately, I was working and the RT were 'investigating' in various pubs at the time, so we were unaffected. However, one nearby resident was left with literally nothing to go on after his lavatorial facilities were discovered to be suffering some the sort of blockage that no laxative was ever going to shift!

Yeast Is Yeast And Fest Is Fest ...

Well, we're back from the 2004 St. Ives Beer Festival ..... Well, I'm back from the 2004 St. Ives Beer Festival.

Firstly, as usual, here is the prog (plus a rather jazzy little piece of promotional bumf from Skinners):-

04prog1.jpg (69127 bytes) 04prog2.jpg (80461 bytes) 04prog3.jpg (72309 bytes) 04prog4.jpg (67372 bytes)
04prog5.jpg (53115 bytes) 04prog6.jpg (69404 bytes) 04prog7.jpg (59550 bytes) 04prog8.jpg (53262 bytes)
04prog9.jpg (61556 bytes) 04prog10.jpg (55868 bytes) skinners1.jpg (87792 bytes) skinners2.jpg (88709 bytes)

A good time appeared to be had by all

Sonic and Flat Eric extensively sampled the products (especially when the barrels were left unattended after the Guildhall was temporarily evacuated due to the presence of a giant bumble-bee!) ...  bf1.jpg (55034 bytes)
... while the Shauns met up with a few friends and let their wool down!

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