28 May 2004

Thought For The Week

Va'n guilley er chooyl y thie

[The boy was behind the house]

Who Dares Winwaloes!

At last, Spooky St. Ives' resident mystic  (or, possibly, resident mistake), the faintly saintly Winwaloe has brought to the SSI readership pearls of his wisdom to cast before our swinish eyes.

Have a goosey at Winwaloe's Witterings, a new feature which promises to be either exciting or just get everyone exiting!

You may never complain about the Reporting Team's efforts again!

A Fair Trade

St. Ives Town Council finally seems to be making meaningful progress in getting the summer street traders relocated so that they can conduct their dodgy deals without making life a nightmare for everyone else trying to use the Wharf.

The council has allocated 15-20 trading bays on West Pier and the traders will have to complete an application form in order to get a permit. They're not going to like that, I suspect.

Pushing The Boat Out

In keeping with the current trend of ancientising (or whatever the term for the reverse of modernising is) West Cornwall, the serfs of St. Ives welcomed the arrival of the new old lifeboat last Thursday. After being rescued from a wreckers yard in Essex and subject to an 18 month restoration in Hayle, the James Stevens No. 10 was escorted into St. Ives harbour by the current lifeboat, the Princess Royal.

The James Stevens was the last sail and oar powered lifeboat to be used in St. Ives and, typically, was very nearly called back into service when the Princess Royal and the inshore lifeboat had to cut short the celebrations and leg it to Cardboard Bay where some sprogs had got themselves stranded on rocks.

Get Your Skates On

It looks like the various parties involved in the great skate-debate are finally reaching some sort of consensus. As vaguely reported previously, the site at Palemon Best has now been earmarked for the skateboard park and St. Ives Town Council have given agreement in principle to the site being used.

They still need to settle on a design, there being five in the running at the mo, and the council want a few conditions met  but basically there at last seems to be some hope that, when all is said and done, something is now actually going to get done!

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