4 October 2002

Write 'Em And Weep!

In a desperate attempt to revive flagging interest Spooky St. Ives now includes a new reader's reviews section Vox Populi which allows you people out there in the real world to voice your opinions free of Vile influence.

So, if you've got a mind, why not speak it?

The Day Of The Traffics

Good news. Apparently the blindingly obvious is ..... new ..... improved ..... and so BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS that even local politicians can see it.

Yup, folks, it's official. St. Ives has a traffic problem!

The problem, of the threat to life and limb caused by large lorries, buses (bi?) and coaches trying to pass each other on St. Ives' narrow streets has now been officially recognised as something that someone should get round to doing something about it some time.

The only obstacle to improving public safety is that the buses and coaches in question are busy transporting visitors to St. Ives and the lorries in question are busy supplying the wherewithal to feed them.

Clearly something needs to be done ..... and as the only thing local government pays attention to is the Almighty Tourist the solution is clear .....

Run one of them over. Then, they'll do something about the traffic problem!


St. Ives very own MP, Andrew George, has lent his weight (2 micrograms, he is a Liberal Democrat after all) to the campaign for affordable housing in Cornwall.

We might be inclined to laugh cynically at this bandwagon-jumping but on the other hand he has been part of the successful campaign to get full council tax applied to fat cats with second (third, fourth, 5 to the power Nth) homes.

No doubt, Kaiser Blair will not be concerned about such trivial concerns as to what goes on in the backwaters of his kingdom but, frankly folks, I think this one is going to become THE Big Issue in the next few years.

Bats To The Future

Bats. Ah yes, I remember them well .....

You see, back in the Middle Ages, when I was just a small jelly, I was taken on a Summer holiday somewhere in Cornwall (can't remember exactly). Perhaps my most durable memory of that holiday is seeing bats flitting about in the twilight sky. (Due to me being outside staring into the sky while the parents were inside. "We're just going in here for a few minutes, just wait outside ..... and here's a packet of crisps". Hell, I was young and naive in those days, I didn't know what a pub was!).

Anyway, back at the bats. I hadn't seen any since I moved own here so I thought that maybe they had gone the way of the indigenous population .....

But no! The bats are back (if they've ever been away). The Bat Hospital in Penzance reports that they have now treated a number of rare Pipistrelle bats so that they think that they must have a bat-cave somewhere in the immediate vicinity.

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