6 June 2003

Hiccy Burpday To Us!

Well, the 2003 Beer Festival came and went (in an inexplicable blur!). You can read all about it (or what we can remember about it) in the new The Wicked Which Of The Fest! Section.

One intriguing story to emerge was that the organisers ended up with a modicum of oeuf on their visages after cutting down slightly on the quantities from the previous year when they still had some left over at the end.

No such problem this year as they gauged it to perfection. Well, perfection as far as the Sunday teetotallers were concerned because they managed to run out of beer after only two days, thus leaving the would-be Sunday drinkers as dry as an Oscar Wilde put-down!

Fortunately, we were not affected as Jelly and the Reporting Team (purely in your interests, natch) had put their hoof through the door right from the launch and, thus, by Sunday were nursing their respective hangovers at home or in the Sloop Slave Pits.

Radio Ga Ga

Oh, what a surprise.

Having been comprehensively opposed by one and all in their attempts to install a Tetra mast at the rugby club the Police have said "it's safe and we are going to get planning permission on appeal anyway, so there".

This, apparently, is democracy in action.

Anyway, at least we won't be alone as they are also planning to stuff masts up at Carbis Bay and Zennor. The company responsible for perpetrating the mast has said that it would consider alternative sites, one being the Island.

Won't that look nice, eh?

Then you'll be able to sit up on St. Leonard's Chapel and enjoy the views of Porthmeor, St. Ives Bay and the town while your brain is gently microwaved.

Deutschland Rules The Waves!

Here we've been in the last couple of weeks musing as to the reason why so many eurobods seem to manifest themselves over here in late May/early June when we woke up yesterday to find what appeared to be half the German navy parked in St. Ives Bay.

Verily, it was the Fleet Auxiliary vessel 'Main' accompanied by no less than five patrol boats.

Oddly enough, a fishery protection vessel, HMS Guernsey, was in the bay the previous Tuesday. I do hope that there wasn't some maritime mischief going on. The last thing we need is for the Battle of the Atlantic to start off all over again!

Blue For You

Well, don't say we never do anything for the ems. This week saw the awarding (or re-awarding) of Blue Flag status to Porthmeor and Porthminster beaches. They are two of only five beaches in the whole of Cornwall to achieve this status (the others being Sennen Cove plus one near Padstow and one near Falmouth).

The awards are made for high standards in water quality, beach management and provision of facilities and had been awarded before. However, three years ago Penwith District Council pulled out of the scheme baulking at the princely sum of £600 they had to cough up for each entry.

Fortunately, under the new regime at PDC some staff have now been issued with a brain and a calculator and so it dawned on someone that actually it would be ..... "GOOD FOR TOURISM" if they got the Blue Flag status back. So, the beaches were buffed up and here we are .....

..... and there you will be in the Summer.

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