7 February 2003

Straw Buryan Cream

Acteuse, Susan George, recently returned to the mighty metropolis of St. Buryan as part of a TV prog about the filming of Straw Dogs 30 years ago.

George starred with Dustbin Hoffman in one of the most controversial films ever made in this country. On its release it was almost immediately banned and was only re-released on video last year.

The film featured violence throughout, including a graphic rape scene, and portrayed the villagers as uneducated, in-bred locals, suspicious of outsiders. If this gels with anyone's own experiences of visiting Cornwall we'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, fortunately, the Cornwall Tourist Board learned from its mistake and abandoned the 'naturalistic' approach. The next promotional holiday video was shot using real actors in scripted scenes!

Little Buoy Lost

St. Ives had an unusual visitor last week when the crew of a Trinity House boat hauled in a stray buoy only to discover that it was not one of theirs but in fact the property of the US Coastguards.

The buoy had last been seen in January 2002 on station off North Carolina but, like so many of its US human counterparts, it obviously got a hankering to see the 'old country'.

Zap! Pow! Kersplatt!

Does nothing ever work here normally? Honestly, you people out there in the real world have no idea how easy you have it with all your new-fangled technology.

Having decided to give Transco a week off from cluttering up the down trying to reconnect gas supplies, someone decided to blow the electrics on Monday leaving much of the town powerless for a while. Western Power said someone or something damaged an underground power cable up near the leisure centre but claim they know not who or what dunnit.

Which probably means it was either them or Transco!

Money For Nothing?

Wild, crazy guys that they are, Penwith Council have voted to contribute £25,000 towards a project to extend the Tate Gallery. The plan is to create additional gallery space and facilities by building over the staff car park.

In the meantime, locals are taking up a rival collection for a project to convert the gallery into a car park! [Financial contributions can be e-mailed to us at the usual address].

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