14 February 2003

Welcome To The Weird West! (Part 1)

Anyone who has been following the e-mail correspondence recently might recall an exchange between trainee saint [see Hark The Herald Angels Sing in this week's updates] "Winwaloe" and VJ on the subject of the general strangeness of Penzance [see Foreign Bodies?].

Well, just to prove the point here is a snippet reported verbatim from this week's Cornishman:-

"Leonardo Da Vinci, whose address was given in court as c/o Windsor Place, Penzance, was fined £30 by West Cornwall magistrates at Truro, after pleading guilty to a public order offence."

Welcome To The Weird West! (Part 2)

Then, just in case anyone was hoping that this would turn about to be a temporary blip and that sanity would again prevail, two pages on we were greeted by a news item concerning St. Ives whose title was:-

"Huddersfield aliens crowding pavement"

Unfortunately, all you Area 51 conspiracy theorists will be disappointed to find out that the story was about attempts by St. Ives Town Council to clamp down on the problems being caused by street traders taking over the Wharf pavement area during the Summer.

Unless, of course, that is just some sort of coded message which only the MIB will understand ...

Having A Ball

Last Monday (well, Sunday and Monday to be precise) saw the annual celebration of the Feast of St. Eia. [See the Faster, Further, Eia! section].

I was in the slave pits this time round so didn't actually get to see the revelries. Disappointingly, this year's event was not played out during a monsoon .....

..... However, we are pleased to report that in the long-standing tradition the evening rugby match between St. Ives and a Cornwall Clubs XV was abandoned due to adverse weather conditions!

The Silver Ball challenge was won this year by 15 year old Dave Dowm who used the cunning tactic of hiding self and ball in Cardboard Bay where, of course, no right-thinking St. Ivean would dream of setting foot!

Leach Leeches

Sad to report that the Leach Pottery was broken into last Monday. The tea leaf(ves) only managed to grab about six pots but unfortunately they were all Trevor's work. On the plus side they did bring back a load of other potter's stuff! [Sorry, Trevor couldn't resist using that one].

Also, has anyone got half a million quid to spare?

Apparently, the Leach Pottery is up for sale as the present owner feels that he no longer has the time and resources to continue neglecting the place. 

We are hopeful, obviously, that someone or organisation with an actual interest in preserving and promoting the Leach heritage in St. Ives will come to our rescue. On the other side, we might get another complete and utter onanist like ..... Oh dear, is that the time. Sorry, got to run.

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