14 May 2004

Thought For The Week

Ta shen ro vooar dhyt

[That is too big for you]

A Slow News Week

Bugger all of great note to report really.

I got a job.

Big Mac and Helling came to the burg for a break but we were only able to arrange a brief get-together due to aforementioned job.

Police suspect that the recent spate of gorse fires in the area may have been deliberately started.

Skinners Brewery (in Truro) are working on a special commemorative beer for the D-Day celebrations next month.

There's a new Babs Hepworth mini-walk/brochure thingy you can get from the Tourist Bored at the Guildhall which takes you round various artyfarty places of interest in St. Ives (including instructions on how to find the elusive Hepworth Museum!).

The weather has been really weird all week. Thick fogs, occasional outbreaks of sunshine and the temperature going up and down like a space-hopper on a pogo stick.

My knee hurts.

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